Anyone have gamertag show up on google where you didn’t place it, such as a porn site or credit card business?


Somewhat of an odder story but please try to be tolerant of my inquiry, My SO's gamertag shows up when I google his gamertag along with the word "bang" (why did I search this up? see a previous post for background). His gamertag is pretty unique, so I doubt someone else would spontaneously come up with it, though it is not impossible! So anyway, my SO's tag shows up with some pretty raunchy websites. Is he a SIMP? paying for sex online? is he selling his own sexy body ? I don't really know and what some background before I start saying "your gamer tag shows up next to Chatturbate". To clarify, I'm talking about the descriptions Google shows underneath an URL, such as the "reddit is a network of…" under "" in google

Sorry for the awkward request...

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