The time I got destroyed

I just felt the need to share this. I was like 10 years old and at the laundry mats they had marvel vs capcon as a arcade game. I threw in my quarters and I went in. I think I was spiderman, the hulk , and wolverine. We had a lot of laundry to do so the total time span must have been like 3-5 hour of just being there. I fought ferociously against the coms on story mode and eventually I made it to the mission before the final boss or I was about to fight him , but then he appeared. A man who was deaf threw in his quarter to play against me and I was pretty mad about ,because cmon I'm so close to the final mission, but I accept his challenge. I shake off my hands and choose my main 3 players. The first round I won and thought I was the shit, because I whooped him. Then I see his smirk. He wasnt a casual player. His fingers pressed the buttons so fast my character didnt even touch the ground. He destroyed me. The worst part was I ran out of quarters so he replaced my spot on fighting the final boss. To this day I still think about what could've been. To the guy who defeated me . You're a monster I was 10.

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