New gamer, need help!!

Hey gamers, I recently am getting into the gaming world. I'm playing a lot of games on my PC such as Apex, fortnite, NBA 2K, destiny, gears etc. I think it's time to invest in a console but I have absolutely no idea what to get. I'm 20 yo, and have a budget at about 350 max (bc I want to buy games). I have no knowledge of systems and have never had one before. The games I'd like to play the most include: NBA 2K, smash, Minecraft, and maybe Mario kart. From what I know there's three major systems: switch, Xbox one s, and PS4. I'm not going to game more than 2-3 hours a day. Also I have no idea WHERE to buy this for the best price. I did as much research as I can but for someone that has never had a console before im not sure what's best. I appreciate all the help i Can get!!

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