What draws gamers to video games?

So I'm about 99% sure everybody here loves video games. Maybe there's 1% of people who are here just to ridicule us, but anyways, back to my point. A lot of people dislike video games because they don't know why we like them so much. So boomers, I have the answer. It brings out a part of us that most people haven't seen. Our fantasies. Video games are so different than real life, and you can do so many more things. One day you could be a plumber, saving his love, the other day you could be a spartan, killing alien foes. The reason people are attracted to video games is fantasies. Everybody has fantasies our world couldn't grant, so that's where video games come in. Minecraft, is actually a great example of this. Minecraft is a game that has so many paths. You can build giant houses, and make amazing creations with your bare hands, (with the help of a controller, mouse, phone, ect..) or instead don't make a house, and make tiny huts in mines, to continue your grind. Or battle against mobs, and eventually reach the Enderdragon. Not to mention mod packs, that make the game 10 times more diverse, more items, more mobs, which equals more people satisfied with their gaming experience. Personally, my fantasy is becoming a highly trained assassin, and playing Assassins Creed really is fun, I get to live my fantasy, killing my rivals left and right. Now I have to go soon, so I'll make this ending quick. In conclusion, the human brain is the reason, your ideas and fantasies intertwined can create joy, just by logging onto a game. Take that boomers.

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