Chinese game ‘Everyone Hit the Traitors’ lets players attack Hong Kong protesters


China is ramping up the anti-protest propaganda with a new browser-based game where players can hit Hong Kong “traitors” with bats.

In “Everyone Hit the Traitors,” players can assault pro-democracy protesters and grotesque caricatures of known activists with weapons like bats and shoes by repeatedly tapping on them.

The free game opens with Chinese text indicating that “Hong Kong is part of China, and this can’t be meddled with by outside powers,” the South China Morning Post reported.

“Everyone hit the Traitors” also shows comic-style cartoons of Western influencers rewarding protesters with cash for killing cops or committing suicide, Vice News reported.

The game does not feature credits — so the game’s origins are unclear — and nothing directly connects it to the ruling Chinese Communist Party, Vice reported.

China’s state-owned news organization Global Times published a glowing news story about the game, claiming it has been popular on social media, the Morning Post reported.

Gamers can attack protesters with their hands, shoes or a bat — each which inflict different levels of damage.

The game seems to be a response to “Liberate Hong Kong” — where player activists dodge tear gas canisters and rubber bullets to avoid arrest. Liberate Hong Kong developers hope to release the game on gaming store Steam — where gamers can also soon play a pro-Hong Kong visual novel called Karma.

Both of the pro-Hong Kong games have been submitted to Steam for approval — but are still waiting for release because of “Controversial and potentially illegal content,” Gizmodo reported.

DC Comics also recently pulled a Batman poster after Chinese supporters said it supported anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.


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