Other gamers that played Warcraft but no longer want to support Activision-Blizzard, what are your recommended alternatives?

Hopefully these posts aren't against the rules, if they are I can post somewhere else.

I have been an on/off WoW player since vanilla, the game is one of the few that really captured what I was looking for in an RPG and there is a reason it's remained undefeated for so long. Recently though between the scandal with China, the increase in time-sink (maybe just growing up?), and a feeling like Blizzard really doesn't care about their players anymore, I just don't want to support Activision-Blizzard anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations for games with a WoW like feel?

More specifically I'm hoping to find something that can somewhat match the exploration and story WoW provided, some people have suggested Final Fantasy and Guild Wars but I'm not really sure they capture what I'm looking for, I could be wrong though. Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can throw my way!

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