Google Was Presenting Stadia As Something that It isn’t

I was hyped for Google Stadia but the way it's heading I don't think that it can survive for long. There are many hurdles that Google needs to overcome in order to compete with other platforms. It is a good cloud service but it is not even close to on-board gaming hardware. Google Claimed that it will be more powerful than any console which turned out to be a false claim.

If only Google had claimed that it is a good cloud service instead of comparing it with consoles then it won't be in this mess. Google was trying to market Stadia as something that it isn't. Their marketing strategy backfired on them which made it look even worse. I mean hyping is good but only if you can live up to the expectations. It seems like Google Stadia is a beta test instead of a full product. All their claims are yet to be proved. At this rate earning the trust of users will be extremely hard for Google because people are already thinking that Google will abandon this service.

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