Looking for PC EU and maybe NA players

*NA maybe because you might have really good internet and not care about it as long as we play on my host.

These are my games and I'm fine with playing any of them, my friends are not playing these any more so I just want to find someone who wants to play them with me from following list on pc:

Csgo, siege, forza 4, nfs 2015, bf3,4, division 2, destiny 2, warframe, cod bo3,4,iw/mw,aw,mw2019, dota 2, lol, smite, eso, fortnite, roe, pubg, krunkerio, overwatch, paladins, the crew, gta v, hired ops, blacksquad, ironsight. Steam username: solllem (with red devil wallpaper, for finding me with no problems)

*I have barely played division 2 or smite. Also I have never really played mobas, just want to learn them if you can tolerate me, from a competetive standpoint I am more of an fps guy. As for mmorpgs I am only cp200-250 in eso, have played rpgs in the past like skyrim, witcher 3 and so on.

Overall I consider myself a casual tryhard.

I might have missed some games so you can ask me if I have them or not, or if it's free and does not suck/I've heard of it and sounds good that works too.

As for age, I am 20 y.o I have 1,2k hours on csgo, rank mg2, have 1,37 kd in bo4 if skill bothers you (not me), I am not: a racist, toxic, bully, creepy. I will listen to you (well, if you speak loud enough). Also even though it looks like a tinder bio, I have a cat who sometimes walks on my keyboard and I put kmph in racing games instead of mph. I do have a microphone and a headset/headphone (so you know there will be no game sounds in my discord call, I can download skype or teamspeak too no problem).

Only requirement from me is for you to not be anything from my 'I am not' list above. Everything else is fine, you can be a fingerless Irish monster as long as we don't physically interact.

We can have a party of players too depending on the game, not just looking for 2 man squad.

That's about it.

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