What exactly is a clan?

So im in a couple discord servers that has a channel for clan recruitment, that gets several new posts a day. And they all basically offer the same thing: A great non toxic community with at over 1000 members. We have weekly tournaments and giveaways. Must have ALOT of wins, be the highest rank of [said] game, be an adult and speak English and be active every day. (exaggerating paraphrase obviously).

But my question is, how are they different from say a discord server or a facebook group. Hell how are they different than a famous streamer with alot of followers? Besides the obvious like toxicity, age and management (for the streamers), each one of these can organize a tournament or giveaway. Facebook and discord can have over 1000 members. A streamer or even content creator can have just as many followers. So exactly how is a clan different? Is it worth joining one?

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