How Kinguin scammed me with nearly 10k Euros!!! WORTH THE READ

How Kinguin scammed me with nearly 10k Euros!!! WORTH THE READ

I want to share my story about Kinguin, so it can get to more people, hopefully Kinguin staff too. If you read this Kinguin, and you would actually show some respect to a 3 year old regular seller on your platform, let me know. I would not like to go to court with this, but if I have to, I will. I know about the fishy investments the CEO made with the seller's money which is totally illegal, and who knows how many other illegal things Kinguin's done.

So I first started selling on Kinguin in 2017, roughly 3 years ago, after I got annoyed with G2A’s fees and the whole merchant thing wasn’t transparent to me, and Kinguin looked like a really awesome company. I am just an individual, I do not own a company and I don’t have a monthly 20k EUR turnover.

I will be honest, I really loved the platform, and completely moved everything there, and was a proud Kinguin seller for a long time, until I started noticing some issues in 2019. Note, that I did not know anything about their cash flow issues, or anything related to the company until THIS WEEK. However I noticed that my payouts are being delayed more and more. When they introduced the 60 day review period, I was quite annoyed, as my last payout took 2 months, that would mean AT LEAST 4 months of waiting for a money I sell today for example. Not too merchant-friendly.

My last payout was requested on 26th of September 2019 (4.000 EUR bank payout) and another one on 4th of November 2019 (2.775 EUR PayPal payout), furthermore I currently have over 2.5k in my balance, which I could still withdraw if I wanted. Basically close to 10k Euros in total.

Like I said before, I did not know anything about kinguin’s financial issues, I never thought that such a huge company can actually go bankrupt, and I did not look into this thing in time. Being naive I really thought they are facing other kinds of issues. I kept messaging the financial team, to get some answers on the payouts, since I need it in order to buy more games, and be able to continue selling. I first messaged them a month after I issued the payout, and then also issued the PayPal one, seeing there is a PayPal express that makes the payout faster, I selected that one, in the hope that only the bank payouts are being delayed. It seemed like not, they basically told me, that the PayPal Express payout does not guarantee a faster payout at all, even though it costs 5 EUR more. I had to ask them to readjust the balance then, for a regular PayPal payout, and they did after a couple emails. I kept waiting weeks, months, but nothing happened. Here is what the support told me in the tickets, in chronological order.

On January I got an email, from a Kinguin employer Hannah, asking me if I would like to join their new system, which could really improve the experience of selling, and also could solve the payout issue which people are experiencing. Well, I was asking what’s the downside of joining it, and she told me it’s basically nothing, it is only good, because if I sell more, I get quicker review times, but even if I don’t, the new payouts will be a lot quicker. I said okay, if it’s only this, why not? However I asked her, to help me with my old payouts, since I still didn’t get anything, and how could I even sell new games, if I don’t have the money to buy them. But I accepted the offer. I will not post their message here, because they have some confidentiality note at the bottom.

Of course she took this as a yes, but since then she’s not answering my messages. I tried contacting them on different platforms, such as discord (in the public support chat, they kept deleting everything I said about the payout issues, they only replied in the dm, that I should get back to Hannah (who apparently is not answering).

I have also tried to contact them in WhatsApp since I received an email containg a whatsapp number for support. After I asked them to look into my payout issue, they are not responding ever since.

I cannot count how many times I have tried contacting the support, even in live chat, they keep telling me they cannot do anything about it, they are not the payout department, it’s unknown when the payouts are processed, etc.

So I got an email from a Kinguin account manager, who could help me with anything. I quickly added him on skype, and asked if he could help me with my payouts that are 6 months old now, and I still did not see a single penny from it. I thought he woudn’t do anything but he actually got back to me with an offer:

Looks appealing right? I told him I would need at least my old payouts which means 2755 EUR + 4000 EUR total, and the rest is okay if we do it a 500 monthly. So this was their second offer:

Notice how they are trying to force me to go back on the platform? IF I RESUME MY SALES then I will get the the money I already OWN. Seriously? This really sounds like blackmailing. After I told him that I really do need all my money, he said he has to talk to the management again about this, and will get back to me. Then when I mentioned that I read about the Kinguin’s financial issues, every since he’s not answering me. I won’t put the blame on him, as he was actually the first one that came up with a solution, heck maybe he’s not answering because it’s weekend.

Here is the payout section, showing that PayPal takes 72h, Express PayPal 48h and bank payouts 7 business days. They told me long ago they would change this, but they do seriously not care.

So basically this was my story, here you can see my payouts, and my balance.

The worst in all this, is that I am not the only one. I really hope this can get a little attention, and people will be paid, because we EARNED this money. I am a student, I invested a lot of money, energy and time in those games I bought and sold. This was a huge company, I never thought this would happen, but here we are. Here are a couple reviews from trustpilot, from other sellers:

P.S.: I still have 50+ games active for sale on the platform, but if they are not willing to act, I would have to delete even those.

Thank you for reading!

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