Your perfect game?

If you could have the perfect game, what would it be?

Mine would be an mmorpg based in medieval times. Open world, played like GTA or Skyrim but the players run everything. You decide what role you wanna play in this world. You can be a shopkeeper, or train to be a knight in the army.. or you can be a murderer. Your choice! Whenever you roll a character you get randomly generated into a family.. or there’s a beginning story that determines your status based on your family’s place in society. (Or you could be another players kid. And you actually have to grow up! In game time would be like.. a week or every two weeks of play time is a year in game. At some point you’d grow old and die so it would be up to you leave a legacy) You could be high born or a bastard.. and it’s up to you to work your way up or just be content and live a happy normal life. Or you could be crooked and immoral, choices like Fable had.. An actual player is the king.. real people play as his guards and you can serve however you choose. If you wanted to, you could try to build an army to revolt against the king or a plot to assassinate him and take his place which would initiate some pretty badass pvp.. You could go and study sorcery or black magic.. start a brothel.. or if you’re a guard you could serve loyally and work through the ranks and become the leader of the guard.. or an entrepreneur in the community.. if you get caught breaking laws you have a trial with real players judging you. Everyone has a job or a place.. you could get sent to the dungeons or enlist in some group like “the nights watch” from game of thrones. If you die, you can keep playing through your son, daughter.. a legacy adventure, or you could generate a new character. I guess if I had to make a comparison it would be a mix of Skyrim.. (gameplay wise) Second Life… Fable (decisions wise)… Rust.. (building and crafting wise) just had that idea in my head. And you can design your home given you have the funding. It’s not an easy game, it takes work and time but is very rewarding and you could play it forever and never get bored.

What about you? Describe your dream game!

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