Do I’m wrong to think in this way?

Well lets put it simple, I have a tiny group or friends that we were always trying to play games together, and I'm usually tempted to play those games with high enthusiasm and dedication (like hardcore), sadly whenever I'm totally hooked by the game, everyone seems to start moving out and then stop playing it. Now, this group of friends are asking me to play another game called Albion, and for the first time in my life I decided to stick with a no for an answer. Because it seems that the game is an mmo and you can play it in your cellphone or in pc. Part of myself feels bad, because I know they are having fun and talking about the game and stuff, but another part feels great, because I'm pretty sure I'll be playing alone (again) and doing all the heavy/demanding stuff (alone) and whenever I want them to play they'll be telling excuses or doing anything else but playing the game.

What do you think that its best? Should I let my emotions go over me and feel guilty of my own actions? Or should I give a chance to them even knowing the results?

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