Hey, lets be buds

Hi, I've never really used this site before, and I know its gonna be a bit irrelevant to this page, But lock-down has hit kinda hard, and I've come to the realisation that i don't really have any true friends, I mean, I have 'friends' but I don't have any that really well and truly want to spend time with me, and that they don't share the same interests. Its gotten to a point where I've started noticing whenever id talk about my interests i feel an almost internal eye roll from them. I'm a very 'dreamer' kinda dude and I hate getting stuck in mundanity, which a lot of the people around me don't care for. So even when i'm with a lot of people I feel alone. So I guess i'm just looking for some like minded people, people who enjoy heavy philosophical talks and enjoy deep discussions on films and music etc. Maybe up for playing some games on PC. I know this post is sounding a little desperate but tbh, I dont know what else to do, I don't know how I've ended up so disconnected from people like me and somehow surrounded myself with people who have no interest in people like despite how much they say they would. So hi, I'm brad and I hope we can get to know one another. 🙂

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