Gamers of Reddit, Have you ever gotten permanent motion-sickness from playing first person shooters? If yes how did you fix it?

Basically I have a friend and we used to play a lot of COD4 back in the day. After a while we both got busy with stuff and since then he mostly played LoL, and also a few other solo games (mostly 3rd person) like Dark Souls, Witcher 3 on a controller he recently bought back then(all on his pc). Once he tried playing FallOut, with controller and he said affter just 20minutes he felt really nauseous and didn't understand why. He felt so sick that he threw up later. Since then he said he can't really play games that involved a lot of camera movements and fps games are unplayable 3rd person shooters are bearable as long as they don't require crazy amount of motion. He even feels slightly dizzy just by watching videos of Apex Legends. Is it normal? can it be fixed in some way?

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