I find pirated games less playable than purchased games

This has got to have a psychological reason behind this. I grew up middle class and have been playing video games ever since 2009 up until now, there is always that one satisfying moment where anytime i pass through a game store and just ask my mom to take a peek and later returning straight back to her and persuading her to buy me a game that i saw on shelf. I later on discovered piracy back in 2017 (This is the point where i set my eyes on PC), I discovered it at a mall, in fact a whole market of pirated games are on the ground floor of the said mall. I noticed the prices of a pc game were equal to 1 dollar per disc. I soon plopped the few games i bought into my gaming laptop and boy was i intrigued, later on i keep returning to the same market over and over, i bought too many pirated games at this point. I later on discovered a website of free pc games, which is a huge advantage for me so i wouldn't need to visit the market and purchase CDS, if i could Eventually download any pirated game i want. i suddenly noticed the many games i downloaded from the website started to wear off of me, i began to play less and less from any pirated game in fact, i eventually returned to the console side and i noticed i liked playing more and more on games i bought, i don't know why but when i spend less than a dime on anything the less i feel on getting invested in it. i do not know if i am the only one one this so feel free to comment and leave your thoughts or something, i don't know.

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