anyone know this game?

Hi. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I remember watching videos on YouTube and seeing one about a game in 3D but with pixels that was about you being in a cell. The boy who recorded the video spoke Spanish so he translated what he was reading and basically it happened that someone (I don't remember who) wrote letters to the protagonist and then made him a table which arrived in parts (first the 4 legs and finally the table ) the thing is that a woman also begins to send letters and says that she is the owner of a flower shop near the jail, on one occasion she says that she is going to put on some music and you can hear music coming from outside the cell . At the end of the game I don't remember why, but the woman wrote some very dark letters as if she were going to do something wrong and then they let you out of your cell, you left jail and walked down the street to the only more or less colorful building and there inside was the dead woman and then the game was over. I've been looking for what it was for years but since I can't remember the title or the name of the channel or anything, I could never find it. I did this reddit because I heard that everyone here is very good at researching things and I was wondering if anyone knew about this game.

excuse my english, i'm latin american

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