Blizzard 72 Hours into Prepatch Banned Me For Not Answering My Appeal Directly, While simultaneously apololigizng and finally adressing it? Conflicting Message :(

Somehow their response to my silence appeal that had 2 days left included an apology AND a 72 hour ban that reaches into prepatch WTF!?. And I can't even uninstall wow easily without logging in and I don't even wana see the logo…. :/

Account Action: 72-HOUR suspension
Offense: Violation of Customer Support Interaction Policy
The account listed above has continued to ticket in appealing our decision on a matter. At this time, we must ask you to adhere to the outcome we have provided. Repeated contacts about this situation can result in severe penalties for this account.
We understand that accidents and mistakes can result in gameplay behavior that isn’t perceived as ideal. Customer Service as a whole, from individual customer support agents to global directors, do everything in our power to deliver an ideal experience. However, as with every job, there are policies and procedures in place to ensure we’re upholding the intended game design. Many of us are avid players of our products as well, and understand why you’re asking for a different outcome.
We would like to make it clear that the resolutions you’ve received will be the only one we can offer as a business. While we understand, and welcome, additional contacts that further clarify a situation, there comes a point where the outcome we’re providing is the correct one for us as a game studio. At this point in time, we’d like to make it clear that we will not be able to offer a different solution. Continuing to submit tickets appealing this decision may result in additional penalties being applied to your account, up to and including account termination.
For more information, please review the End User License Agreement. End User License Agreement:
Thank you for your time and for your understanding in this matter.
Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainment

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