The Advantage Of Living In A Family With Low Standards

For example: Most of you were born in 1999 and you began your ''gaming career'' with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. When you hear Assassin's Creed 2 OST / Jesper Kyd – Ezio Family, you want to cry from nostalgia from your childhood.

And then there is me, a kid born in 2007 who you would consider a Fornite kid Morgz fan or something similar. Your preconception of me is i don't know the feeling of getting up on a rainy day and playing GTA 4 (I'm from Serbia btw), lisening to it's glorious theme while hoping that loading the game would last long enough to lisen the theme to the very end. For most of you i would be a ''Fornite kid'' (*Insert a name of an older game* is older than the most of Fornite players), like bruh.

Standards of my family is a bit lower than the avrage family in my country, so i don't really have money to spend on a ''stupid'' hobby like video games. Seven years ago, my uncle had a laptop where i would play original Counter Strike. I was amazaed by it, I could wait for the weekend just so i can go to my uncle with my mom and play it. A year lated, he downloaded GTA SA, I was even more amazed by it. Driving cars, flying planes and helicopters, fighting police etc. After some time (like 2 years later), besides playing TF2, CSS and Minecraft on lowest settings possible with 20fps, i started playing GTA SA story mode. It was better than any movie or book that i ever watched or read (It was even better when i replayed it when i knew English better). It was a big part of my life. I really wanted a console, so I saved money 2 years and bought PS2 in 2015. It was really one of the best things i ever did (God Of War, Coop feature in GTA SA, Spiderman Friend or Foe, Lego Batman…)

What I am trying to say hear is that I am grateful that I played these older games (considering my age) and that they are part of my early childhood (Counter Strike, Minecraft, GTA San Andreas, Team Fortress 2, Assassins Creed 1 and Ezio saga, GTA 4, God Of War 1 & 2….). If time machine ever gets invented and i go back in time, i wouldn't change anything, i would just live that live once more.

Sorry for cringing, but to need to express my feelings.

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