Game with role based gameplay?

So i recently quit WoW, and honestly at this point have played so many other "mmorpgs" and most didn't do it for me some i stuck with. swtor, neverwinter, rift, tera were okay but not for me. dcuo destiny 2, eso are some i didn't mind.

My main issue is in my opinion the wow group dynamic of tank takes dmg and aggros enemies to them dps do dmg and just dont be stupid and healers know when to do massive healing and when to do min healing and dps to help, is my favorite thing. being a long time healer i enjoy the roles.

Most games that have these role don't always capitalize on them. EX eso upon release i know its a bit better now but at first tank and healer roles meant next to nothing and that bothered me.

Was asking to see if anyone has found and games that do the role based combat really well, could be anything tbh any genre cause i know someone will say overwatch which i do appreciate the roles it has but its not as enforced as like wow is, half the time healers are just extra dmg.

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