Which Nintendo Switch to get?


It's that time of the year again – my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and Reddit has been pretty great at helping me with gifts. (thanks to all the gamer boys who like Devin Townsend)

I'm going to preface this by saying I unfortunately don't play games and the only one I played recently was sims because we thought it would be fun to play a game together xD

We recently got a puppy and we absolutely adore her to bits. But this also means we have a bit less free time. I usually paint during my time, so I can always take my paints and chill with her but my boyfriend used to play computer games during his free time. She's teething so he can't really bring her up near his computer with all the wires.

I know he used to play on a switch before (when he lived with his brother and used his) and I thought I'd get him one so he can play while watching the pup too!

I'm on Nintendo's website and there's the Nintendo Switch Lite($259), Switch ($399) and a new OLED ($449) model is supposed to come out on October 8th, although his birthday is on the 2nd.

I thought I'll get the one for $399 and then take him out for a nice dinner at a restaurant he really likes! Should I wait for the OLED one? It's definitely out of my budget but I really want to get him something super nice. And if the $150 makes the difference I can start saving up a bit more.

Thank you in advance (:

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