Age of galaxy

Ive recently tried this new game callled age of galaxy its a fantasy 4×4 game you play as humans,insects, reptillians the graphics are good and there alot of new units and new space combat! With updates and new units almost every few weeks theres easy campaigns and scenarios or play multiplayer it is a turn based strategy game so if you enjoy those feel free to give this one a try there is new space combat with ships such as destroyers,frigates,and corvettes and invasion fleets take over planets and dominate your enemys use a combination of air land and sea units to gain the edge over your opponents each race is unique and different such as the humans have hovering tanks and transports the reptillians have hovering platforms and battleships and the insectoids have a bug den with mechanical bugs of war! Time flies by when you play I highly recommend this game if you kove turn based strategy games

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