Hi all, I’m conducting some primary research for a school project. I was wondering if y’all could answer a couple questions so I can get your input on a thesis topic I’m researching about.

Thesis Topic: I believe UI/UX affects the overall experience for users in Video Games and Gaming Launchers.


  1. What makes a good user interface in a video game/ launcher?

  2. What video games do you think have a good interface? What games do you think have a bad interface? What exactly makes it good/bad?

  3. If you were playing an RTS game or an FPS game, what is considered too much interface design? Would you like consider it more helpful to have more HUDs or would it be too distracting? Does it depend on the genre of the game?

  4. What do you look for when you’re first starting a video game? Hints? Tips? A map? Guidance? Etc.?

Anything helps. Thank you!

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