Overview of the Winport Casino Blackjack Selection

Usually, online casinos place all their Blackjack games into the table section, so seeing a separate category for this subgenre is rare. WinPort blackjack games are provided by Rival, a mastodon in the industry of e-gaming that has almost twenty years of experience under its belt. 
If you’re familiar with Rival products, you know that the company is an expert in making table games that look and play almost like the real thing, without the bells and whistles that many traditionalist gamblers find inappropriate.

At the moment, there are five blackjack games in WinPort online casino – you can only go so far with modifying the rules of this timeless classic, and those responsible for the game selection at the casino indeed aimed to give the players as many variations as possible. Whether five games really need a separate category is open to speculation, but our goal here is to review the two most notable representatives, so let’s see what WinPort and Rival’s joint effort brought to the table.

Blackjack Rolling Stacks. This variation offers a peculiar mechanic where the primary goal of scoring a 21 in your hand is further expanded to feature the concept of a side bet. Side bets come into play when you have straight or flush in your hand at the beginning. Then you can choose to cash in on the combination right away, or add it to the regular bet, thus launching the rolling stack.
Blackjack Multi-Hand Unified. As the name implies, you get to add some spice to the ordinary rules of the game by playing several hands at once. The idea is about putting your eggs in several baskets – you divide the risk of losing by half by having two hands. Of course, this means your total win amount is divided accordingly, but it pays off nicely in the long run.